Evidence Based-Medicine Guidelines

The following is a collection of best practice guidelines currently in use by the Surgical Critical Care service at Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). They are based upon the most recent medical literature and are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Guidelines that are either or have been within the past 180 days are marked accordingly. Please note that certain aspects of these guidelines, such as antibiotic sensitivities and recommendations, are specific to the adult ICU's at ORMC and may not be applicable to other patient populations. These guidelines may be downloaded and adapted for use in your own intensive care unit. Please contact the Webmaster if you have questions or suggestions regarding these guidelines.

The Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines Committee is pleased to share these guidelines for clinical use in your intensive care unit. If you choose to do so, the Committee requests that the time and effort involved in developing these guidelines be appropriately recognized. All guidelines contained on this site are copyrighted by unless otherwise indicated.

Guidelines should be referenced in the following manner: Rojas K, Birrer K, Cheatham M, Smith C. Seizure Prophylaxis following Traumatic Brain Injury. prophylaxis in TBI 2017.pdf. Updated July 26, 2017. Accessed January 13, 2021.

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