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Surgicalcriticalcare.net is an online, interactive, educational resource based at the Surgical Critical Care Fellowship program at Orlando Regional Medical Center. It is open to any physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, medical student, or other allied healthcare provider interested in the discipline of Surgical Critical Care or Acute Care Surgery. SurgicalCriticalCare.net is designed to provide rapid access to essential information for caring for patients with critical illness.

The ACGME-accredited Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Orlando Regional Medical Center has been internationally recognized since its inception in 1997. Our fellows receive state-of-the- art training in patient resuscitation and management as well as intensive care unit & trauma center administration, research, evidence-based medicine guideline development, statistical analysis, and quality improvement. Many of our fellows now direct intensive care units and trauma centers around the world.

Latest EBM Guidelines

Our Evidence Based Medicine guidelines are used in intensive care units and hospitals around the world. New guidelines are written each month and existing guidelines are revised as new evidence becomes available. We encourage you to check back frequently to see the latest additions to our EBM guideline library.

Instructional Videos

Percutaneous tracheostomy insertion
Central venous catheter insertion
Build Your Own "Stop the Bleed" Kit